Please complete the application to the best of your ability.  Since our funding is limited, we're focusing our efforts on Montana families with the greatest financial need who complete the process with integrity and demonstrate their ability to provide a loving home consistent with the founding principles and values of LHC.  Basically, we want to see God's Big Sky people go get some kids!  Grants are for residents of Montana who reside in Montana.  In the case of limited resources priority will be given to people residing in Missoula or Ravalli county.

During our review process, we may contact you to elaborate on and verify portions of your application.

Step one is to successfully submit the online portion.  Your submission will be received and reviewed for completeness and accuracy.  The process cannot continue until the online portion is received in its entirety; a thorough initial submission will expedite the process. When you've completed and successfully submitted your application you'll receive notification via e-mail. 

Please move on to step 2 following the completion of this application. 

**A referral is necessary before submitting your application.  If you haven't received one, please wait to apply.**
Applicant Information

Head of household first name

Last name

Spouse's first name

Spouse's last name

Street address



Zip code

Country of residence

I am a US citizen

Home phone

Do you rent or own your living space?

Please give a brief description of your charitable giving to non-profits, your church, etc.

Explain to us, in general, your approach to finances and budgeting.

Number of dependent children

Ages of your children (i.e. Emily 11 mo., Randall 3 yrs...)

Have you adopted before?

Please confirm you are adopting through an official 501c(3) placement agency.  This is not the home study agency unless they are also the placing agency

Submission date of application (xx/xx/xxxx)

Date the home study was satisfactorily completed (xx/xx/xxxx)

What is the estimated total of your adoption expenses?


Please list employment information for the primary source of income.

Name of employer


Spouse's occupation

Work phone

Does your employer have adoption benefits?

Church Information

Church name

Church city

Church state

Church zip code

Church phone

Church's web address

Sr. Pastor's name

Please elaborate on any special circumstances to be considered specific to your situation.  If you need more room you may provide an additional document along with your Supplemental documents.  Indicate here that you will be doing so.

Adoption Placement Agency Information

Adoption Placement Agency name (not the home study agency unless they are one in the same)

Agency city

Agency address

Agency state

Agency zip code

Agency phone number

Agency web address

Caseworker's name

Caseworker's business phone

Adoptee Information

We realize you may not have answers to the following questions.  Please leave blank if this is the case.  It will not affect your application.

Adoptee's country of origin

How many children are you in the process of adopting?

Do you have a referral? ** If your answer is no, please wait to submit the application until you have one.**

Names and ages of children being adopted

Expected placement date (xx.xx.xxxx)

This concludes the online portion/Step 1 of your application. 

Before submitting, please check your answers for accuracy.  All questions must be answered in order for your application to be considered with the exception of the Adoptee information if that's not yet available to you.  You must have answered yes to 'do you have a referral yet' in order to submit. 

If you're satisfied that your answers are accurate and the application is complete, please click I accept to submit.


Credits:  Elements of the process and language used here were copied with permission from Show Hope (

Thank you!  You've successfully submitted your application. 
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